Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever your style, Owens Corning has a shingle line that is right for you. Whether you prefer the distinctive look of our Berkshire® Collection shingles, the extreme weather protection of our WeatherGuard® HP Shingles, the dimensional look of our Oakridge PRO® Series shingles, the traditional look of our 3-Tab shingles, or our Roll Roofing for special applications, you can be sure that every Owens Corning shingle delivers beauty and performance.

Adding dimension to your roof's ridge line with hip and ridge shingles can affect the character and curb appeal of your home.

For a roof to last, your roofing system must include protection from wind-driven rain. This is accomplished by installing water-resistant underlayment directly beneath the shingles. WeatherLock® Series self-adhesive water-resistant underlayment is perfect for both new construction and reroofing projects. In addition to protecting the roof deck from damage from ice dams and wind-driven rain, WeatherLock should also be used on areas of the roof where water has a tendency to collect or flow. Valleys, vents, chimneys, and skylights are examples of where WeatherLock Series underlayment should be considered.

In cold weather, warm air generated by laundry, showers, dish washing, and cooking can linger in the house and cause moisture build-up. In the summer, heat build-up encourages premature aging and cracking of wood and roofing materials. Unwanted heat can also transfer back down into living areas, reducing energy efficiency. The only way to combat these problems is with a balanced ventilation system. In a balanced system, wind blowing over the ridge creates a negative pressure that draws the warmer air out of the attic. Replacement air enters through the undereave or soffit vents, bathes the underside of the roof, and exits at the ridge cap through ridge vents, roof vents, or gable vents. Even with no wind, the natural convection action of rising warm air maintains a continuous airflow along the underside of the roof. It's a system that works year-round with no moving parts or energy consumption.