PROPINK FastBatt™ Fiber Glass Insulation

  • Wider facing assures a tight fit in the cavity
  • Eliminates the need for staples and staple hammers
  • Easier to cut, making it easier to fit it around electrical boxes


PROPINK Complete™ Blown-in Wall System

  • Dry system (no water or adhesive added)
  • Form fitting installation in any shaped cavity
  • Installs without gaps or compression for delivery of full R-value
  • Will not settle, rot or decay
  • Exclusive Inspect-R™ Insulation Density Gauge to verify the R-Value in wall cavity

Blown-in Wall System

MIRAFLEX Insulation

  • Virtually itch-free for easy handling and installation
  • Ultra compact rolls for easy transport
  • Expands and conforms to fill hard-to-fit spaces

MIRAFLEX Insulation

PINK Fiber Glass Insulation

  • Brand preferred by homeowners 7 to 1 over nearest competitor
  • Maintains insulating power over time, non-combustible
  • Full range of R-values from R-11 to R-38

PINK Fiber Glass Insulation

High Density PINK Fiber Glass Insulation

  • Features more fibers per square inch than standard insulation
  • Ideal for cathedral ceilings

High Density PINK Fiber Glass Insulation

QuietZone Acoustic Batts

  • Stops sound from travelling through small cracks and openings

Acoustic Batts

ProPink® Insulating Sheathing

  • Disrupts the transmission of sound through interior walls, floors and ceilings
  • Key component of Owens Corning Noise Control System

ProPink Insulating Sheathing

FOAMULAR® Rigid Foam Insulation

  • Non-structural insulated panel used to build exterior walls
  • Reinforced laminated skin makes it extremely resistant to damage during construction
  • Enhances R-value performance of exterior wall system

FOAMULAR Rigid Foam Insulation

INSULPINK® Foam Insulation Board

  • Can be used for exterior wall sheathing for exceptional thermal performance
  • Practically impossible to be penetrated by moisture
  • Fast, easy installation

INSULPINK Foam Insulation Board

INSULPINK® Foam Insulation Board

  • Interior basement wall insulation
  • No 2x4 framing necessary for installation

INSULPINK Foam Insulation Board 1

FanFold Foam Re-Siding Board

  • Adds insulation power when re-siding
  • Provides smooth nailing surface to facilitate new siding installation

FanFold Foam Re-Siding Board

PINK Fiber Glass Loosefill Insulation

  • Loosefill fiber glass that will not settle or lose its energy-saving abilities over time
  • Does not require the addition of fire-retardant chemicals
  • Will not rot or decay, support fungus or mold growth, or provide sustenance for insects or vermin

PINK Fiber Glass Loosefill Insulation

Basement Finishing System

  • Clean, convenient installation in 7-10 days
  • Resists moisture, mold and mildew
  • Removable panels allow access to foundation
  • 10-year transferable warranty

Basement Finishing System

Fold-Form® Insulated Concrete Forming System

  • For above- and below-grade exterior concrete wall construction
  • Creates basement environment ideal for use as added living space
  • Offers distinct advantages over wood-frame construction

Fold-Form Insulated Concrete Forming System

PINKWRAP® Housewrap

  • Reduces air infiltration through exterior walls yet permits water vapor to escape

PINKWRAP Housewrap

BILD-R-TAPE® Construction Tape

  • Prevents air infiltration through joints, cracks, and openings in walls, ceilings, and floors

BILD-R-TAPE Construction Tape

FoamSealR™ Sill Plate Gasket

  • Seals gap between the sill plate and foundation wall to prevent air and moisture infiltration

FoamSealR Sill Plate Gasket

Raft-R-Mate® Attic Rafter Vents

  • Ensures proper air flow under roof deck to maximize roof life

Raft-R-Mate Attic Rafter Vents