I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and Blow Your House Down

During the hurricane season, homeowners in the Gulf and mid-Atlantic states are at high risk of severe structural damage from the high winds and rain associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. Here are a few ideas to help protect your home.

Here are some tips to help protect your home before a storm hits:

  • Disconnect and remove your exterior antenna.
  • Resecure loose or damaged shingles, and seals around flashings, chimneys, and vents.
  • Fix or replace loose or damaged planks of siding.
  • Clean out debris from gutters and downspouts and be sure they are secure.

If you’re building a new home or an addition to an existing coastal home, consider using these new Owens Corning construction materials to help you weather the storm.

  • WeatherGuard® High Wind 110 Roofing System: When installed as part of a complete roofing system, WeatherGuard High Wind 110 shingles and WeatherGuard High Wind 110 Hip and Ridge shingles create a roof that can withstand 110 mile per hour winds.
  • PinkFormXtra™ Insulated Concrete Wall System: Instead of traditional wood, PinkFormXtra is an insulated concrete wall that provides superior energy-efficiency, strength, and durability. Texas Tech University’s Wind Engineering Research Center found that concrete walls bombarded with 250-mph flying debris sustained no structural damage.

But what if a storm hits before you can prepare your home? Here are a few tips:

  • Make a list and take photos of the damaged areas.
  • Contact your insurance company to see if the damage is covered by your homeowner’s policy.
  • Use a tarp to cover a leaky roof to protect it from additional water damage.
  • Make temporary fixes until a professional can repair the damage.