Give Your Home an Exterior Facelift

Here are a few ideas that can help you create an attractive exterior.

Curb Appeal

Remember the exterior of a home begins at the curb, not at the front door. Walkways, benches, landscaping, dramatic lighting, and driveway embellishments set the tone for a home’s exterior and interior. Don’t forget that decorative millwork such as pediments, scalloped trim and artificial stone products can create a whole new look from Victorian charm to a natural earthy feel.

A New Color Palette

One of the simplest and most exciting ways to dramatically improve your home’s exterior is to change colors. Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Light Colors Make Things Look Larger: Using lighter colors make your home appear larger. Warm colors such as yellow, red, and orange make your home appear closer to the front of the lot.
  • Deeper Colors Make Things Look Smaller: A house with dark colors appears smaller and less imposing. Also by using darker colors your home appears to be farther back in the lot.
  • Match Color Schemes to Architectural Style: A home’s architectural style can be a guideline for choosing appropriate colors. For example, a Cape Cod home may look best in subtle colors, while a Victorian can carry more dramatic colors.
  • Create Balance with Color: Using monochromatic color schemes helps bring balance to your home’s overall look. Selecting contrasting colors on the entryway and porch can add visual interest.

The Shell of Your Home

In addition to color, different siding styles and accessories can dramatically impact the exterior appeal of your home. Decorative styles such as Dutchlap vinyl siding feature a beveled profile on their edges, creating a soft shadow line. Beaded siding includes a half-round molding effect cut into the bottom of the panel, creating deeper shadows and more dimension. Also consider how different siding colors and styles will complement your home’s roof. After all, your roof is 50 percent of your home’s exterior and makes a big impression.